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How We Work

Pegasus Retail represents more than three million square feet of properties for its clients.

Pegasus represents local retailers and restaurants, and more than 30 of the leading national retailers and restaurant chains throughout New Mexico, Oklahoma, Southern Colorado, and West Texas. Pegasus Retail also represents more than three million square feet of properties for its clients. Additionally, the firm provides asset and property management through its Pegasus Management Services division.

We use our market knowledge to help you find the best opportunity for your business. We have analyzed trade areas throughout New Mexico, looking at:

  • Demographics: We look at growth trends, household incomes, and history of the trade area to figure out if your business will be successful there.
  • Geo-spatial Analysis: This includes looking at traffic patterns and access to a retail project. Is it easily accessible and in a high-traffic area?
  • Spending Analysis: We look at spending habits in the trade area. Who is spending the money and what are they spending it on? We consider which retailers are already successful there to determine if your business would thrive as well.

Using these factors together makes Pegasus uniquely situated to bring retail projects to market much quicker than larger firms. We are embedded in the marketplace, with a deep contact list of tenants, owners, and investors. We know which properties are available, and whether or not they would be a good fit for you. Our extensive contact list means we can quickly fill your space with tenants. It also means we can efficiently find our tenants the most viable property for their storefront. And we have an impressive speed to market for investors looking for their next retail project.